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Friday, 21 March 2014

How to transfer WHATSAPP chat from one device to another?

Helllo friends,

Many people keep me asking about how to make a backup of whatsapp chat to transfer them from one device to another. Some of them even asked me how to secretly copy anyone's whatsapp chat to read all of it.
"whatsapp" uses pop3 protocol to communicate across the network which means if you download the messages once then it is no more available in whatsapp's database unlike facebook or WeChat.

So here is the process in steps :)

1. First of all you need to make a backup of your whatsapp chat from the application.
         1.1 Open whatsapp.
         1.2 Click on options.
         1.3 Select Settings > Chat setting.
         1.4 Click on Backup which will create a manual backup of all chats.
         1.5 Exit whatsapp.
2. Copy the "Whatsapp" folder from your shared memory (either internal or external SD card) on your system or any other storing device.
3. Place the whatsapp folder into your device.
         3.1 Kill whatsapp process from task manager.
         3.2 Follow the steps of step 1 to make a backup of your whatsapp data.
         3.3 Delete your whatsapp folder from your device.
         3.4 Copy the victims whatsapp folder onto your device.
         3.5 Start whatsapp again and you can read victims whatsapp chats on your device.
4. Again replace the whatsapp folder from your whatsapp folder on your device so you can chat from your own friends again.

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